engine | en.dʒɪn |, noun. Ihr Partner für starkes Marketing.

Ihr Partner für starkes Marketing.


engine | en.dʒɪn |, noun.

Something that provides power.

Hi. We are ENGN (short for “engine) – a software agency based in Hamburg. With our product SPOT, a universal marketing software, we make your internal and external marketing faster, easier and more efficient on all channels. We are doers – agile, uncomplicated and willing to celebrate lasting successes with you in the shortest possible time.


spot | spɒt |, noun.

abbreviation for “single point of truth”. The practice of aggregating data from many systems within an organization to a single location.

SPOT is a web-based software that links marketing data - so-called media assets - via definable processes and workflows with people and marketing channels (such as website, catalogue or image database) and creates order. In data, structures and processes. This leaves you more time to concentrate on the essentials: your marketing.


80/20 = 28. What makes ENGN better.

We believe that integrating your staff should take more time than providing the technology. Our software solutions are created in such a way that we can quickly adapt them to your requirements and needs. 80% of the time goes to your employees, 20% to the technology – in 28 days the software is fully operational.

Generate added value with us in just a few weeks – not months or years.


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